The AMY Project offers art-making workshops for many groups including collectives, schools, non-profits, and companies. Our suite of services draw on our organization’s long history and our senior staff’s expertise in facilitating community-engaged artistic creation.

AMY is available to develop custom storytelling, theatre creation, writing, and other artistic creation workshops that explore participants’ lived experiences, affirm participants’ identities, and facilitate a unique team-building experience for all involved. We will draw from the methods that have informed our award-winning theatre creation programming to design a program that works for your group’s goals and within the time and resources available. Workshops are led by senior artist-facilitators from the AMY Project team.



“AMY Project provided an inclusive space for a level of creativity and self discovery that has opened so many doors for me!”

– Julia, AMY Project Theatre Program participant, 2015

“When you hear other people’s stories, you have so much compassion for them. I realized that I didn’t have that same compassion toward my own story. I had difficulty sharing it… but AMY was such an encouraging and gentle environment that people felt comfortable to speak.”

– Chana, AMY Project Theatre Program participant, 2016



Costs vary depending on organization size and budget, level of customization required, number of facilitators required, and related travel costs.

Please contact with inquiries about available workshops or to discuss a custom workshop.