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a young person sitting in an alleyway
Coming this summer: The Breath Between at the SummerWorks Performance Festival

The Breath Between

“Run to the places where you are not welcomed; expand your body so it is all that they see.”

Created by the young artists of The AMY Project 2019 theatre program, The Breath Between is a collection of monologue, poetry, movement and music that explores themes of queer resilience, and dreams of what new worlds we will make together in apocalyptic times.

“The stories of these young artists will pierce the heart and compel you to listen and hear them.”

– Lynn Slotkin (on The AMY Project’s Lion Womxn)

Part of the SummerWorks Presentations programming – offering you a snapshot of contemporary performance in 2019. A vital collection of new theatre, dance, music, and live art works from across the country.

The Artists Mentoring Youth Project

  • Created and Performed by Jericho Allick, nevada jane arlow, Taranjot Bamrah, A.C., Daniella Leacock, Megan Legesse, Claudia Liz, Alice Cheng Meiqing, Whitney-Nicole Peterkin, Lyla Sherbin, Fio Yang
  • Directed by kumari giles and Julia Hune-Brown
  • Assistant Directed by Jamie Milay and Bessie Cheng
  • Stage Managed by Jules Vodarek Hunter
  • Scenic Design by Karis Jones-Pard
  • Lighting Design by Senjuti Sarker
  • Production Managed by Sasha Tate-Howarth
  • Program Curation and Dramaturgy by Nikki Shaffeeullah
  • Produced by Rachel Pennyphoto by Saba Akhtar