Announcing Naomi Bain, AMY’s New Artistic Director

Naomi Bain

The Artists Mentoring Youth (AMY) Project is pleased to welcome Naomi Bain as our new Artistic Director, beginning October 2019. 

 “Naomi is truly a gem- brilliant, talented, authentic, and passionate, with a deep commitment to anti-oppression that really shone during the hiring process. Naomi showed a level of analysis and insight that was incredibly inspiring. Naomi exemplifies AMY’s values, showing deep care, empathy, and action for others, and brings an impressive breadth of artistic work, leadership experience, community-building and political activism. With Naomi on board, we know the future is bright for AMY!” said the hiring committee.

The AMY Project is committed to transforming the arts landscape by providing accessible, affirming performing arts training & creation programs for women and non-binary youth from equity-seeking communities. With the mentorship of professional artists, AMY participants learn to tell their stories with honesty, integrity, and artistic rigour. Founded in 2005 by Claire Calnan and Pasha Mckenley, The AMY Project has grown into a core part of Toronto’s performing arts and activist community. Naomi succeeds outgoing Artistic Director Nikki Shaffeeullah who has grown the scope of the organization into a multi-faceted hub for arts, activism, and community. 

Naomi Bain is an activist, writer, performer, community educator, futurist and professional nerd. Naomi is alumni of Watah Theatre (Black Box Season), styudying under esteemed actor and creator d’bi.young anitafrika. Naomi’s passion for community led her to Sherbourne Health Center Supporting Our Youth (SOY)  where she joined the Human Equity Access Team, through which she gained experience working with various communities around LGBTQ+ issues. Naomi went on to create programming for youth during her stint as the Family Program Director at Roseneath Theatre, where her inner nerd met her artistic side.  Naomi’s passion also sees her actively involved in not only artistic and LGBTQ+ communities, but also as an educator/ facilitator for Freedom School Toronto. Through that program, she works and advocates for Black students in our education system. Naomi’s primary passion is to effect change in her communities and throughout the world.

 “I am so excited to be joining The AMY Project because I believe in the work that AMY does. I am a product of community education and I know the positive impact that programs like AMY can have on youth.” said Naomi Bain.

The 2019-2020 season for AMY will be filled with exciting new programs and continued success with long-running activities. Applications for this year’s programming open September 19, and we look forward to sharing the year’s successes as they unfold. 

The AMY Project thanks the Artistic Director hiring committee (Marjorie Chan, Morgan Davis, Julia Hune-Brown, Jamie Milay, Nicole Stamp and Kate Welsh) for their dedication, care, and insight throughout this hiring process. 

For further information please contact General Manager Rachel Penny at