Reviews of Lion Womxn (2018)

Although each story is different, some are heart-breaking, as they progress towards an ending they become similar. The participants become brave, bold, and determined; lion womxn. I was so impressed with the level of their self-knowledge, awareness, and wisdom…I admire them so much.”

Mooney on Theatre

“an often raw and very moving mix of monologues, scenes, movement and songs that showcases honesty and strength…the message is clear that their unified voices can break any chains holding them back.”

NOW Magazine

“The stories are rich in poetry, imagery, vivid description and are beautifully rendered with economy and style. The stories of these young artists will pierce the heart and compel you to listen and hear them.”

Lynn Slotkin

“Raw and poetic at the same time, the result is heartbreaking, charming, anger-inducing and, ultimately, inspirational.”

Life with More Cowbell

“the performers took turns relaying vivid personal struggles with grace, rawness and vulnerability.”

– The Globe and Mail

 CBC Arts Feature on Lion Womxn

Reviews of Almeida (The Glorious) (2017)

“This show is bracingly educational and inspiring.”

– Karen Fricker, The Toronto Star

“These powerful young people deserve the platform they are fiercely occupying.”

Mooney on Theatre

“What is so evident is that this group is cherished, both by their families and the organizers of the AMY Project, and the result is a group that feels safe enough to voice their innermost concerns and secrets. Bravo to young people—they are our best teachers.”

Lynn Slotkin, The Slotkin Letter