5forthefuture is a new way to support AMY.
It’s a way to build the future we want for the performing arts.
It’s a way to show young artists we care.
It’s a way to move our community forward.

For five dollars a month, you can be a part of the future AMY is building: one that is equitable, inclusive, and vibrant.

Why support AMY?

Hear from community members who have chosen to join #5forthefuture:

“AMY welcomes individuals who would otherwise likely be pushed to the margins, and hands them a megaphone…Five bucks a month? NO BRAINER! I encourage you to donate to The AMY Project and then come out to their productions to see for yourself what the future looks like. You will leaved a changed person.”

-Amy Nostbakken, Quote Unquote Collective

“Having had the privilege of working directly with The AMY Project team this year, I was blown away by the fierce leadership of Nikki and Rachel and the impact of the work that the organization delivers for young women and non-binary youth. The AMY Project’s work is makes important changes to the ecology of theatre using mentorship and training to transform people and inequitable systems.”

-Mitchell Marcus, Artistic and Managing Director, Musical Stage Company

“I’m inspired by the young artists of the AMY project, onstage and off. They remind me to get optimistic, passionate, generous and joyful.”

-Rosamund Small, Playwright

“Choosing to support AMY was the easiest decision to make. By choosing to skip out on Tim Hortons just twice a month I’m able to support an arts organization that is developing the theatre creators of the future, and doing so with proven success. AMY gives young women and non-binary youth the confidence and skills they need to be artistic leaders. In 5 years time, if there is another big shift in Artistic Directors and Executive Directors, you better believe that they will be replaced by artists who have come through AMY.”

-Luke Reece, Producer, Obsidian Theatre; Artistic Director, Little Black Afro Theatre.

As an artist, I’m invested in a more equitable future for our community and am committed to supporting accessible, safe, and supportive performing arts training spaces…. The work AMY does is necessary, consciously accessible, complex and joyous. The space AMY Project makes is irreplaceable and I’m honoured to be a part of the AMY community. That’s why I’m donating $5/month to The AMY Project.

– Sarah Kitz, Director and Actor

How you can join?

  1. Visit our Canada Helps page and sign up to donate $5 or more per month using the #5forthefuture campaign!
  2. Share your story about why you’re donating to AMY using#5forthefuture and tagging us on FacebookTwitter and Instagram!
  3. Share and like our posts to help spread the word!

We’re thrilled by our community’s commitment to helping build an equitable and thriving artistic future for everyone. We can’t wait for you to be a part of it!