The AMY Spring Theatre Creation Program is our flagship activity, a 14-week performance creation program offered each spring to young women and non-binary youth between 14 and 22 years of age.

It’s a chance to work with some of Toronto’s most exciting artists and create & perform your own work! AMY will meet on Monday evenings January-May 2019. Program highlights include:

  • Healthy group meals at every rehearsal
  • Free TTC transportation to and from every rehearsal
  • One-one mentorship from a top Toronto artist
  • Theatre creation workshops
  • Work with a team of directors and other AMY participants to devise an original show based on your own stories
  • Perform at Canadian Stage!
  • Possibility to continue on to the AMY Summer Theatre Performance Program
  • Make new friends and a join a fun, supportive, creative community!

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If you are interested in applying, please SIGN UP FOR AN INFO SESSION. These info sessions are an opportunity for AMY to meet you, and for you to learn more about AMY! Attendance at one info session is a mandatory if you wish to apply to AMY 2019! AMY will provide TTC tokens/tickets to cover travel to and from the info session for everyone that attends. You will be contacted by an AMY Project representative to confirm your sign-up.

Applications will open after the info sessions. They will consist of short-answer questions and will ask for a sample of creative work – we will go over the application process as the info sessions.

You can attend an info session on either MONDAY NOVEMBER 19tH , 7-9PM or SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 24TH , 2-4PM. They will take place at Scadding Court Community Centre – 707 Dundas Street West (fully accessible).

We welcome participants of all abilities and of all cultural backgrounds, we welcome trans and queer participants, we welcome those with little or no previous experience in the arts, we welcome YOU!


* You MUST attend one of the info sessions for your application to be considered! If you cannot make it to a session, please email ASAP*


“To make a show from scratch was incredible. You feel like you really accomplish something, that you actually did something, you can own it and call it your own. It’s a great feeling!” - Kaitlynn

“I am so unbelievably grateful to have had this experience. This program is so important. Not only has it given me more confidence in sharing my work, but it has given me the confidence to claim my space and find my voice in any given situation. A lot of this is due to the leaders who created such a respectful and welcoming space for the group. They are incredibly understanding, loving, and generous which I know was why the whole group offered the same in return. I will always treasure my memories here.” – 2018 participant

“Being around so many artistic people who are just so free, and who are so supportive of other women, and people of colour, and people of all genders and sexualities – it really changed me. I’m way more open minded, way more accepting, and I’ve just learned things that I never even knew before.” – Whitney

“AMY has held space for me, made me more confident, and made me feel like I can claim that space. That I am good at what I do…. AMY also shaped me through community, through the people I’ve met. The co-directors, facilitators, participants. Being able to go every week to witness the work that these amazing young woman and non-binary folks share, to learn their experiences. Sharing a meal every week is amazing. It gave me community that I was lacking for a while.” – A.A.

“AMY for me was life-changing in a lot of ways. I learned a lot about myself. I grew as a writer, as a performer, I made really good friends. I feel more and more confident when I’m with the group, stronger when I’m with the group… it was just a really great way to get your feet wet in this field of performance.” – Morgan

“The AMY Project has been one of the best things I could have done as a female artist in Toronto. AMY Project provided an inclusive space for a level of creativity and self discovery that has opened so many doors for me, as well as a lasting mentorship and a network of brilliant artists.” – Julia

“AMY has taught me how to be more honest with myself and in my work. Our fantastic leadership and fellow participants helped me feel safe and welcomed to take these leaps together. It has made me a braver version of myself.” – Bessie


The AMY Spring Theatre Creation Program is presented in partnership with Scadding Court Community Centre and Canadian Stage, as well as our other funders and supporters. We are grateful to all of these vital figures in our community that keep AMY programming alive.


AMY Project Spring Theatre Creation Program 2017