The AMY Project is Artists Mentoring Youth


The AMY Project builds the leadership, confidence, and unique voice of young women and non-binary youth in Toronto by providing them with performance training, connections to artistic mentors, experience working in a professional theatre, and support towards the early growth of their careers.

The AMY Project operates on four core VALUES:

INCLUSIVITY: All of AMY’s programs operate within an anti-oppression framework. We work to eliminate boundaries to participation.

ARTISTIC EXCELLENCE: AMY has an illustrious roster of artists and strives for artistic excellence at each stage of the program

MENTORSHIP:  AMY is committed to integrating mentorship into all levels and divisions of the organization whenever possible

BUILDING COMMUNITY: AMY strives to create connections and strengthen networks: we connect youth to other youth, artists to the young people in their communities, and artists of divergent disciplines. Through gathering and storytelling AMY connects to a larger community.

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