Saba Akhtar

Saba Akhtar is an interdisciplinary artist based in Toronto and raised in Houston, Texas. Her arts practice is a focus on intergenerational trauma and grief. She exhibits this through multimedia design [illustration, video, photo], playwriting, and performance. As an alumni of the The AMY Project (2015) and The Watah Theatre School (2017), Saba’s education has been heavily influenced by mentorship from peers and elders in her community. She now has a deep passion for helping the others share their story as well. Saba’s play, She Turns Me Into a Pile of Legos first developed during her time at The Watah Theatre School. A reading was then produced through Then Speak (2017). Saba has been published in Mooney on Theatre (2016) and Black Solo 2: Canadian Anthology of Monodrama (2017) Saba was part of the cohort of the Roundtable Residency (2018) where her short film, A Mound of Sand, was showcased. Her latest achievement has been the premiering A Mound of Sand at the Rendezvous with Madness festival. She was also a finalist for Hxouse program No More Dreams(2018).