Naomi Bain

Naomi Bain is an activist, writer, performer, community educator, futurist and professional nerd. Naomi is alumni of Watah Theater (Black Box Season) where she studied under esteemed actor and creator d’bi  young anitafrika. Her passion for community led her to Sherbourne Health Center Supporting Our Youth (SOY)  where she joined the Human Equity Access Team, through which, she gained experience working with various communities around LGBTQ+ issues. Naomi went on to create programming for youth during her stint as the Family Program Director at Roseneath Theater where her inner nerd met her artistic side.  Naomi‘s passion also sees her actively involved in, not only the Artistic and LGBTQ+ communities, but she is also an educator/ facilitator for Freedom School Toronto. Through that program, she works and advocates for black students in our education system. Naomi‘s primary passion is to affect change in her communities and throughout the world.